Holbein Watercolor Palette with Removable PansHolbein Watercolor Palette with Removable Pans

Arrange Pans to create your own watercolor palette color order.

This new and innovative watercolor palette has removable pans that allow you to change the order of your colors and wash the entire palette with ease.

Are you having trouble with this when using the watercolor palette?

  • There are no extra wells when you buy new colors.
  • You want to change the order of colors when you buy new colors.
  • Wells are too small for wide flat brushes.
  • The partition of the color mixing well is low, and water and color flow into the other wells.
  • The whole palette is difficult to wash.


取り外せる小部屋は、大・小 2種類。

There are two sizes of removable pans: large and small. The large type is ideal for white and other colors that are used in large quantities.

Snap it into place by aligning the concave part
with the round groove.


The deep partition allows for color mixing with lots of water.

Depth of partition approx. 6mm

Color names can be written on the back of each pan.
※Oil-based pens are recommended.


Easy to clean. The Whole palette can be washed after removing all of the pans.


● This product is for watercolors only. Acrylic and oil paints cannot be used. ● Do not use solvents on the palette. ● Do not soak the palette in water or hot water.

Line up

  • 24仕切(シャーレ:小26ヶ、大4ヶ)

    24 Wells / Pans (Small 26 pcs, Large 4 pcs.)

  • 30仕切(シャーレ:小32ヶ、大4ヶ)

    30 Wells / Pans (Small 32 pcs, Large 4 pcs.)

  • シャーレのみ 小 10ヶ入り

    Pans Small 10 pcs

  • シャーレのみ 大 (2連タイプ) 5ヶ入り

    Pans Large 5 pcs


亀崎 敏郎

Architectural Painter
Toshiro Kamezaki

A palette for 24 colors and that for 30 colors are available. I thought it was totally very easy to use. Maybe It is made of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resin. I felt it was a little heavy but stable. The palette fit comfortably with a graceful touch when I held it in my hand. The idea of removable pans for colors are also good, and it was received well by my students.




When setting up this palette, it is easy to put together the same color series or change the order of colors, so the adjustability is good. Personally, I have squeezed tube colors that I often use like black into the mixing well of my palette, but now I can arrange my palette neatly because it has large-size pans, too. Additionally, I can keep it clean because I can wash the whole palette easily by removing the pans. The mixing wells are appropriately deep with higher dividers, so even when using much water to make color I want, I can avoid unnecessary mixing of colors, which really helps me.


Lemon Natsume


First, this palette itself is larger, so I think it is very good because I can use a wider mixing area. Because I have a larger number of colors, I usually had to use two palettes alternately for painting, but this palette has many pans which are relatively large, so I can squeeze much color into them. In addition, I can rearrange the pans to make my original color palette depending on the tone of painting, which allows me to work more efficiently. The pans are easily detachable, and large pans are also available when I use the large amount of color, so I can easily set up a palette environment that is suitable for my work.
It is very tough but rather heavy, so I felt that it would be easier to use for painting when placing it on a desk than holding it in the hand. This palette is fully enough to complete one painting, so I would like to use it positively.


Haru Atelier


The moment I held it, I felt that the Watercolor Palette with Removable Pans was heavy in a good sense, and it enhanced my motivation for painting! When I set the palette, I can squeeze a more amount of color into the pans than usual because they are deeper. So I felt this palette would be enough to complete even a large painting because it allows to mix colors boldly or use a large amount of color on the palette. I always set up my palette as illustrated on the package. The other day, I put colors out on the palette in the wrong order, but I had no stress because the pans were removable and I could rearrange them as I liked! When painting a detailed picture, I remove the pans for colors I often use and place them near the picture, which makes me happy because work efficiency increases. I would like to create paintings with this palette as my partner.

前田 香織

Kaori Maeda

The greatest advantage of this palette is, as shown in the product name, the usefulness of removable pans. Before using this palette, I could not rearrange my palette until I used up all the colors once I set it up. Colors I did not use frequently had to be left there as they were for a long time, and so I had to use the palette as it was, which was a cause of stress for me. Because this palette is rearrangeable at any time as I like, I think it will become one with my original color arrangement in a continued creation which leads to a pleasure in painting, and at the same time, an innovative one I can develop. When it is used only at home, this palette is convenient because it is rather heavy and stable and has larger mixing wells where you can dilute color with plenty of water. Large and small pans are available, which is also useful.




I had several palettes to be used for the workshops for watercolor painting that I held because I used different colors in each workshop. This palette helps me very much because I can use it by rearranging the pans, without replacing it with another one. When I buy new colors, it is easy to change the color order as I like or focus just on colors I like, so I think this palette is suitable for long-term use. In addition, there are many large pans into which I can squeeze a large amounts of colors I often use, which is also good.


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