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About posted information

This site is the official website of the Holbein Group (Holbein Art Materials Inc., Holbein Works, Ltd., Holbein Labo Inc. ).
Holbein Art Materials Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) manages and operates this site. If a page to which a link has been made from this site is an external site, the Company will not bear liability for the content of that site.
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The Company takes considerable care in the posting of information, but errors may arise in the information because of erroneous operation of a machine or other circumstances. Please also note that information that is posted is information as of the time it was announced. Please understand in advance that information may differ at the time when you read it.

About copyrights

The copyrights to this site belong to each of the companies of the Group or to other right holders. Excluding cases that are allowed by the Copyright Act, such as printing for personal purposes, actions of duplication, forwarding, public transmission, reorganization, partial deletion, or reposting on the customer’s website without obtaining the permission of each of the companies of the Holbein Group or the other right holders are prohibited by the Copyright Act.

About trademarks

The individual trademarks and trade names that are posted on this site belong to the Holbein Group or other right holders. Excluding cases that are allowed under the Trademark Act or other laws, actions of using those trademarks or trade names without the right holders’ permission are prohibited by the Trademark Act.

About links

Please freely post links to this site as necessary. However, if you will post a link for a page component, such as an image, please do so in a form in which the original will be clearly indicated. Direct links in a form that is not clearly indicated are prohibited.

About security

In order to ensure security when personal information is sent by customers on this site, the Company uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer: the industry's standard security function to encrypt and send information on the Internet) to protect customers’ personal information. If you use a browser that conforms to SSL, the Company will automatically encrypt your personal information when we send or receive it.

About personal information

For the handling of personal information that is provided through this site, the Company will ensure proper management by following the Holbein Group’s fundamental policy for the protection of personal information and the Holbein Group’s regulations, and the Company will not use personal information for anything other than the relevant purposes.

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