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A total of 200 colors (15g , 100g)
Gofun all the 3 kinds (15g , 100g)

Mineral Colors for Japanese-style painting, YU-Sai Yu-Sai
Holbein's Mineral Colors for Japanese-style painting Yu-Sai…A total of 200 colors
What is Yu-Sai?
It is the mineral color made by coating 'Suishoumatu(rock crystal)' classified into Japanese traditional conventional particles with light-resistant pigment. It has 3 kinds of color: i.e. #9, #11, #13.


  1. Constant color
    It is produced under strict quality control, therefore, color is always stable and color hardly blurs.
  2. Excellent light resistance
    Every color is of light resistance, for each pigment is selected carefully.
  3. Mixing colors freely
    Color does not separate in mixing colors, because every color is the same in weight.
  4. Able to use it for the material other than glue
    It can be mixed with medium of oil color or acrylic color, for it is not degraded by either acid or alkaline.
  5. Not glittering
    Quiet or non-irritating color appears, for it has no glittering that is characteristic of glassy color.
  6. little scum
    Scum does not appear on the surface and the picture does not become dirty, because no fine grains are contaminated.
  7. Even #13 containing fine particles has a high intensity of color, therefore, this enables you to show a variety of expressions.
Yu-sai Hamagurigofun, Shirasagi, Shirotae
Yu-Sai Hamagurigofun <<Shirasagi, Shirotae>>
What is Hamagurigofun?
It is made from clam and its refractive index is high. It is a superior white.
  1. Superior white
    Conventional Kakigofun's (Kakigofun is made from oyster) lightness was 95 or less at most, but Hamagurigofun's one is in a higher range of 96.9~95.3.
  2. Sufficient with about two third of glue liquid used for making Kakigofun.
    It would become too soft if glue liquid of the same quantity as Kakigofun were added.
  3. The luster is the same as that of conventional Japanese-style painting
  4. Durability ameliorates.
    It exhibits little yellowing after the work is completed, because the organic component is half of Kakigofun or less.
  5. No need to rub in advance
    The particles used are finer and evener than conventional Hamagurigofun, therefore, it is unnecessary to rub it in advance.

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