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Water Soluble DUO
#6 tube (20ml)
#9 tube (40ml)
#10 tube (50ml) only a white
#20 tube (110ml)
About Health Labels
Holbein Water Soluble " DUO "
(Oil color that melts with water) Water-soluble oil color DUO…A total of 100 colors
DUO is the water-soluble oil color that is admixed with a surface active agent.
DUO allows painting & cleaning with water without compromising high pigment quarity and archival characteristics that serious artists are accustomed to.
Diluting, painting, and cleaning with water creates a safer studio and classroom atmosphere. DUO is a water soluble oil color offering rich hue, high chroma, and is ideally suited for artists wishing to avoid the use of harsh solvents.
  1. It is the oil color that can be diluted with water.
    It is diluted with water instead of oily solvents like petrol. Even a brush soaked with DUO can be washed with water.
  2. It dries faster than does oil color
    The work is completed in a short time, for it dries faster than does oil color.
  3. The colorful expression is possible.
    Lumping and the touch of a brush are feasible like a watercolor painting. Also it is possible to draw a thin line by dissolving it with water, so even the expression like hatching of tempera is possible.
  4. It can be mixed with oil colors
    It can be mixed with normal oil colors optionally. However, please keep in mind that if admixed with conventional oil color or painting oil for oil color at concentrations of 30% or more by weight, DUO is no longer dissolved with water.
  5. It can be mixed with watercolors
    It can be mixed with watercolors, gouache, or acrylic colors freely. You can make your own colors by mixing it with water colors such as metallic color and pearl color which do not exist in oil colors.
  6. Excellent light resistance
    The excellent pigment with little or no fading property is used.
  7. It is a highly safe color.
    No raw materials harmful for the human body are used.
Wator Soluble DUO
Holbein's DUO, oil color sets
<Duo-p> Starter set 12 colors #4 11 colors + white 1 piece
<Duo-p> Basic set 12 colors #5 11 colors + #6 white
<Duo>12 colors set #6 11 colors + #10 white
<Duo>ELITE 12 colors set #6 11 colors + #10 white
<Duo>20 colors set #6 18 colors + #10 white + medium

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