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Company Profile

The top maker of painting in Japan HOLBEIN Works, Ltd.
Company outline
Company name   HOLBEIN Works, Ltd.
President   Yoshio Kawami
Est.   October 11th, 1946
Hdqrs.   2-2-5 Ueshio, Chuo-Ku, Osaka 542-0064, Japan
  Telephone: 81-6-6191-7722
Factory in Kosaka   1-3-14, Hishiyanishi Higashiosaka-city, Osaka 577-0807, Japan
  Telephone: 81-6-6723-1555
Factory in Hiraoka   4-10-52, Yokoshoji-cho Higashiosaka-city, Osaka 579-8063, Japan
  Telephone: 81-72-985-1221
Factory in Nara   296-1, Shinmachi Kitakatsuragi-city, Nara 639-2127, Japan
  Telephone: 81-745-63-3330
Office in Tokyo   2-18-4, Higashiikebukuro Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0013, Japan
  Telephone: 81-3-3983-9251
Handling item   Oil color for specialist, Watercolor, Oil & Varnish, Drawing ink, Acrylic color, Colored pencil, Pastel, and Merchandise for hobby.
Distributor   Agency in Japan, Famous department stores, Artist's material stores, and Exports overseas (North America, Canada, Korea, and Europe)
Associated company   Holbein Art Materials, Inc. (selling European painting materials by the gross)
Holbein Canvas, Ltd. (production of canvas)
History of Holbein Works, ltd.
1900   The production of European painting materials and metal goods was started in the head office.
1932   Exportation to Europe and US is started. A branch office was opened in U.S. Los Angeles.
Institute of European painting materials was established.
1946   Starting afresh with the company name of Holbein Works, Ltd.
The production of Oil color, watercolor, and liquid for picture was resumed.
1955   Office in Tokyo was opened.
1966   Factory in Hiraoka was established.
1972   Technology institute was established as an annex to the new factory in Hiraoka.
1996   Factory in Nara was established.
2000   100 years since foundation.
2007   ISO9001 certified.(-2014)
2016   HOLBEIN KOREA was established.

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