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Acryla Medium

32 type

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Acrylic Medium
Holbein's Acrylic Medium
What is Acrylic Medium?
It is the medium to support various expressions with Acrylic.
For the adjustment of groundwork
  • Gesso-S
    For being smooth like the surface of an egg
  • Gesso-M
    For surface like acrylic color matted.
  • Gesso-L
    For touch like fine sand
  • Gesso-LL
    For touch like rough sand
  • Black Gesso
    For under-coating with black
  • Modeling Paste
    For lumping with great depth on smooth surface
  • Modeling Paste High Solid
    For lumping of the edge with high density and sharpness
  • Modeling Paste Light
    For under-coating of slight lumping
  • Modeling Paste Pumice
    For the work lumped thick with sand
  • Coarse Pumice
  • Extra Coarse Pumice
As the liquid to dilute Acryla
  • Painting Solvent
For the adjustment of luster by mixing with Acryla
  • Gloss Medium
    For polishing
  • Matte Medium
    For matting
  • Gel Medium
    For transparent lumping
  • Crystal Gel Medium
  • Opaque Medium
For transparent finishing
  • Gel Medium Hard
For matte lumping
  • Gel Medium Matte
For lumping of the edge with sharpness
  • Gel Medium High Solid
For delaying dryness by mixing with Acryla
  • Retarding Medium
For removing hardened color
  • Remover WS
  • Strong Cleaner
For the protection of screen after a work is completed
  • Crystal Varnish
  • Gloss Varnish
  • Satin Varnish
  • Matte arnish

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