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#2 tube (5ml) only a set
#5 tube (15ml)
#9 tube (40ml) only black & white
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Gouache (Opaque watercolor)
Holbein's Opaque watercolor (Gouache)…A total of 89 colors
What is Gouache?
Although Gouache (Opaque watercolor) is made from pigment and medium of gum arabic, it is possible to express a coloring surface that hides under-coated paint because Gouache contains a larger amount of pigment than transparent watercolor.
  1. Vivid coloring
    The beauty of the pigment carefully selected can be expressed on a picture as it is.
  2. Excellent light resistance
    Excellent pigment with little fading property is used in a large quantity.
  3. High hiding power
    The color painted below can be covered, since its coloring is clear and its hiding power is high.
  4. It is possible to use it as ink for woodcut.
12 colors set #2 tube
18 colors set #2 tube
24 colors set #2 tube
30 colors set #2 tube
12 colors Artist's set #5 tube
18 colors Artist's set #5 tube
12 colors Designer's set #5 tube
18 colors Designer's set #5 tube
89 colors set #5 tube
primary 5 colors set #5 tube

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