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Medium for Water Color


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Mediums and Varnishes for Artists' Water Colors
Medium & Utility
Ox Gall 55ml(1.86fl.oz.)
  • Liquid to improve the flow. Particularly effective to wash. Ox Gall is used on hard sized papers to make colors familiar.
    [Usage] Mix into the watercolors on the palette, or apply directly to paper without diluting.
Watercolor Medium 60ml(2.0fl.oz.)
  • Medium to improve the flow and appear a fine line (hair stroke) neatly. Usage a great deal of Watercolor Medium tends to makes the surface brittle.
    [Usage] Mix with watercolors and usewithout diluting with a lot of water
Gum Arabic Medium 60ml(2.0fl.oz.)
  • Medium to make your own watercolor qith pigments.Mixing with gouache or poster color may make them like watercolors.Usage a great deal od Gum Arabic Medium makes surface gloss.
    [Usage] Mix with watercolors and use without weakening too much
Sizing Liquid 60ml(2.0fl.oz.)
  • Liquid to reduce the absorption of surface of paper.
    [Usage] Dilute about 1:1 or 1:2 with water, apply with board brush and dry well.
Gum Arabic Paste 15ml(0.5fl.oz.)
  • Medium to give impasto effect to watercolors. It prevents wet colors from mingling each other by reducing the flow. It dosen't cause tack if applied heavily.
    [Usage] Mix with watercolors on the palette.
Special effects
Iridescent Medium 60ml(2.0fl.oz.)
  • Medium to give iridescent (pearlescent) and glitter effects to watercolors. Particularly effective when painted only this medium over dry background.
    [Usage] Mix with watercolors on the palette.
Masking Ink 55ml(1.86fl.oz.)
  • Liquid for white highlights for overpainting at later. It can be used to apply painted surface.
    [Usage] Apply with brush or pen, dry well and removed by rubbing with an eraser or others.
Masking Ink Cleaner 40ml(1.35fl.oz.)
  • Cleaning liquid to remove dried Masking Ink from brushes or pen.
    [Usage] Soak dried brush and make it swell (effective when swing). Wipe off with waste paper or cloth, and wash with soap and water.
Watercolor Varnish 220ml
  • Protective varnish against mold. Applying it on both sides of the work can prevent mold growth of the future.
UV Gloss Varnish 220ml
  • UV Varnish suppresses fading of color by ultraviolet, and maintain hue. Gloss type, therefore the hue deepens. Usefull for picture varnish.
UV Matte Varnish 220ml
  • UV Varnish suppresses fading of color by ultraviolet, and maintain hue. Since matte, it dosen't affect hue or texture. Usefull for picture varnish.

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