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Oil Color White

#6 tube (20ml)… 6 kinds
#10 tube (50ml)… 7 kinds
#20 tube (110ml)… 7 kinds
#30 tube (170ml)… 3 kinds
330ml can… 5 kinds

>>Foundation color
#20 tube (110ml)… 4 colors
330ml can… only for white

>>Quic base
300ml can… 7 colors
600ml can… only for white

About Health Labels
Holbein Artists' oil color White… all the 7 kinds
Foundation color… all the 4 colors
Quic base…all the 7 colors
White is…
Ceramic White
It is the white made by using a new material ceramic. The color is very stable; moreover, it is excellent in white shade (white), staining power (power that makes it white), obliterating power (power that hides the color below), and vividness or clearness of mixing colors (vividness or clearness in mixing white). This is the ideal light-resistant white without yellow degeneration (yellow on an application surface) or limitation of mixing colors.
Pigment… titanic acid strontium
Medium… poppy oil
Silver White
It is the first-made white among 6 kinds of that color. The surface applied with silver white is very stable, and the color painted over the surface is also fixed well without any cracks when you use it on a sketch. However, attention must be payed when you handle it because the poisonous white lead is used as pigment. Also, generally please avoid mixing it with the sulfur colors such as ultramarine. It is called limitation of mixing colors that acts as means to prevent the formation of xanthation lead (the black) from lead and sulfur. The expression of limitation of mixing colors is displayed on each color tube supplied by any companies.
Pigment… white lead
Medium… poppy oil
Zinc White
It is the white made by using zinc white as pigment without toxicity. Also the white has no limitation or restriction in mixing colors, transparency is high, and it yields excellent pastel colors when you mix it with colors. Occasionally, the color painted over the Zinc white-applied surface exhibits cracking or peeling, therefore, it is not adequate to use the white for foundation painting or sketch. It is better to use the white for only finishing.
Pigment… zinc white
Medium… SF=poppy oil, No.1=safflower oil
Titanium White
This white has the most stable hiding power and the most potent staining effect among all kinds of white. For that purpose, it can weaken colors with small quantities. There is no restriction or limitation in mixing colors, and also painted film is firm. It is possible to use it at any stages of drawing from under-coating to finishing.
Pigment… titanium white
Medium… poppy oil
Permanent White
This weakens too potent hiding and staining effects of titanium white and therefore is easy to use. Permanent white has all the advantages of titanium white: no restriction or limitation in mixing colors, no cracking or no peeling of colors.
Pigment… titanium white
Medium… SF= poppy oil, EX= safflower oil
Quick Drying White
It is the white that shorten drying time. It dries to the inside quickly, thus you can paint a picture with lumping and make various kinds of textures freely. It does not cause even yellowing after drying. In the case of a thin layered painting, touch by finger is possible at 4 to 6 hours after painting, and you can commence to produce a picture the next day.
*Dry-paint film gets stiffening and losing the flexibility, please do not bend,roll or fold the canvas.To prevent the crack, please avoid painting your canvas with impasto effect at once.
Pigment… titanium white, and calcium carbonate
Medium…poppy oil, alkyd resin
Foundation Color
It is the color for under-coating based on silver white. This white erases the original color of canvas or painting material to make other colors conspicuous and to assist fixing of the colors. We provide white, umber, grey, and greenish.
Pigment… white lead, and more...
Medium… linseed oil

Quick Base
It is the color for under-coating based on titanium with the characteristics of quick drying.
Atotal of 7 colors… white, greenish, umber, grey, maroon, ochre, terre verte
Pigment… titanium white, and more...
Medium… linseed oil, alkyd resin, and petroleum solvent

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