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Painting Oil for Oil Color


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Painting Oil for Oil Color
Holbein's painting oil for oil color… All the 64 kinds
What is painting oil for oil color?
It is a variety of painting oil to elicit various favorable characteristics of oil colors and to play a complementary role in oil painting. Painting oil includes dissolving oil, drier, varnish, and cleaner, etc. Also there is Holbein's odorless painting oil series with little petroleum smell.

Dissolving Oil

  • Linseed Oil Purified
  • Poppy Oil Purified
  • Safflower Oil
  • Sun Thickened Linseed Oil
  • Sun Thickened Poppy Oil
  • Stand Linseed Oil
  • Turpentine
  • Essence de Petrole
  • Odorless Petroleum
  • Spike Lavender Oil
  • Lesolvant
  • Special Lesolvant
  • Odorless Lesolvant
  • Painting Oil Medium
  • Special Painting Oil Medium
  • Special Mat Painting Oil Medium
  • Odorless Painting Oil
  • Quick Drying Medium
  • Painting Medium(Jellied)
  • Linseed Oil [for DUO]
  • Stand Linseed Oil [for DUO]
  • Painting Oil Medium [for DUO]
Promoter of drying
It accelerates the drying process, and attenuates the difference in drying time from color to color.
  • Siccatif Blanc
  • Siccatif Courtrai
  • Rapid Medium
  • Strong Medium Gloss
  • Strong Medium
  • Painting Medium Jellied
  • Quick Drying Liquid [for DUO]
  • Quick Drying Medium Gloss [for DUO]
  • Quick Drying Medium Mat [for DUO]
It is a resin solution that provides oil color with luster and fluidity.
  • Vernis a Peindre
  • Odorless Peindre
  • Venetian Turpentine
  • Vernis a Retoucher
  • Spray Vernis a Retoucher
  • Japan Gold Size
Picture-Protecting Varnish
It is used for protecting the surface of a work completed.
  • Vernis a Tableaux
  • Spray Vernis a Tableaux
  • Vernis Blanc Mat Liquide
  • Spray Vernis Blanc Mat a Tableaux
  • Vernis Rapide a Tableaux
  • Surface Coat
It is the cleaner of brush for oil painting.
  • Brush Cleaner LT
  • Odorless Brush Cleaner
  • Super Multi Cleaner
  • Eco Remover
  • Hand Cleaner "Nice"
It is liquid to fix charcoal or pastel devoid of sticking tendency.
  • Fixative
  • Spray Fixative
  • Spray Fixative Big
  • Spray Fixative Strong
  • Spray Handy Fixative
  • Spray Pastel Fixative
  • Spray Handy Pastel Fixative
  • Design Coat
  • Crayon Coat
  • Waterproof Spray

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