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Oil Color
#6 tube (20ml)…166 colors
#9 tube (40ml)…148 colors
#20 tube (110ml)…85 colors
About Health Labels
Holbein Artists' Oil color
Holbein's Oil color A total of 164 colors
What is oil color?
The oil color is made by kneading pigments with plant oil such as poppy oil, and linseed oil. The pigments are encapsulated by the oil, and this oil is exposed to air and oxidized to make the oil color hard. It is due to such a chemical change that oil color does not dry right away even if oil painting is completed.
Holbein's oil paint is the highest-class product that is created from carefully selected pigments and plant oil.
  1. Stable paint film
    Oil is turning into a high molecular polymer by the chemical change. Therefore the paint film becomes very stable.
  2. Elegant color
    The transparency of color is high.
  3. Excellent light resistance
    It is exposure to ultraviolet rays that mainly causes paint changes and also color fading. Holbein's oil color is checked by an ultraviolet ray exposure test according to the standard of U.S. ASTM which is the strictest in the world at present. As a result, 4 stages from the most stable color to the one susceptible to ultraviolet rays are displayed on individual tubes.
Oil Color
Holbein's oil color sets for Artist
Set DH [18 colors + #10 White +Strong Medium]
Set H [11 colors + #10 White]
Holbein's oil color sets for etude
Set A [#6 11 colors + #10 White]
Set C [#5 11 colors + #6 White]
Set CS [#5 14 colors + #6 White]
Set D [#5 9 colors + #6 White]
Set BS [#4 11 colors +1 piece of White]
Set ES [#4 13 colors +2 piece of White]
Set AS [#4 16 colors +2 piece of White]

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