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What's New

DUONew Holbein Water Soluble " DUO " out now! (2009/4/30)

(Oil color that melts with water) Water-soluble oil color DUO…A total of 100 colors

DUO allows painting & cleaning with water without compromising high pigment quarity and archival characteristics that serious artists are accustomed to.

Series lineup
#6 tube (20ml)
#9 tube (40ml)
#10 tube (50ml) only a white
#20 tube (110ml)

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Please try to use it.

Announcement of Price Increase (2007/06/15)

Due to the increase in raw material costs, we must unfortunately raise the cost of our merchandise to you. It is our first time for the 17 years.
We have avoided raising our prices for as long as possible, but we can no longer prolong the inevitable.
We wish to thank you for your valued account and know that you will understand the necessity for this price increase.

The new prices go into effect on July 25, 2007. Please ask your nearest retail shops for the details.

About the trouble of our mail system (2007/01/24)

We have confirmed that our mail system was under the trouble from December 1.2006 to January 23.2007. In this term we have been unable to receive the mail correctly. It has fully restored.
We apologize for any inconvinience this may have caused.

Introducing three new additions to the "Holbein Odorless Oils & Varnishes" range such as the odorless painting oil.

Because they are odorless...

  • The odor will not get absorbed into clothes and hair.
  • You can even enjoy working in a small room.
  • You can even work in your living room without being concerned about the odor.
  • They will not leave any odor on your hands or when spilt on the floor.
  • Working in numbers in a classroom can be done comfortably.

  • Odorless Lesolvant (Left)
    (Faint smell)
    55ml 440yen 200ml 1,300yen 500ml 2,700 yen
  • Odorless Painting Oil (Center)
    (Faint smell)
    55ml 370 yen 200ml 1,100 yen 500ml 2,300 yen
  • Odorless Peindre (Right)
    55ml 370 yen 200ml 1,100 yen 500ml 2,300 yen

New protection spray for crayon works and inkjet prints out now!

  • Crayon Coat
    <Protective spray coating for crayons and oil pastels>

    Protective coating spray for protecting crayon and oil pastel works.
    Prevents soiling (staining by surface pigments) of work by controlling the tackiness of surface pigments.
    With a matt coating finish, it will not alter colors.
    220ml 1,280 yen

  • Waterproof Spray
    <Spray for inkjet print>
    Coating spray that imparts a waterproof effect on printed surfaces.
    Ink bleeding by water droplets can be prevented by using this spray on the print surface.
    220ml 1,280 yen

Introducing three new additions to Gel Medium (Acrylic Transparent Medium) .

  • Hard Gel Medium [Hard Acrylic Transparent Medium]
    Gives a transparent finish to acrylic paint.
    Its hard coating film with minimum surface tackiness prevents work from getting dusty and is suitable as a finishing coat.
  • Matte Gel Medium [Acrylic Matte Medium]
    Gives a matt and thick consistency to acrylic paint.
    Allows you to create a matt and translucent color without the loss of viscosity when it is mixed with acrylic paint.
  • High Solid Gel Medium [Acrylic High Solid Transparent Medium]
    For creating raised acrylic paint effect with a sharper edge and for stronger adhesion in large pieces of work.
    As it has high density of resin content, there is minimal shrinkage and is most suitable for creating more raised paint surfaces.

    Respective prices are....
    330ml Polyacrylic container 1,300 yen
    300ml Pouch (Refill) 900 yen
    900ml Pouch (Refill) 2,250 yen

Two new types of useful sprays for speeding up the oil painting process out now!

Use as (temporary) protection varnish when sending in work...

  • Vernis Rapide A Tableaux (Gloss protection varnish for oil paints)

    Varnish for protecting oil painting from dusts in the air and for giving luster to the painting.
    It can be used immediately when the paint surface has dried (dry to the touch).
    220ml 1,280 yen

For transporting wet work and for keeping dusts off...

  • Surface Coat (Coating for wet oil paintings)

    It protects the paint by forming a film when the wet surface of a painting in progress is sprayed.
    220ml 1,280 yen

Two new mediums for oil paints out now!

  • Strong Medium Gloss
    <Glossy transparent medium>

    A slow drying balanced medium that has luster and transparency. When mixed with oil paint, it creates a glossy transparent surface without losing its consistency.

    Series [ T ]
    #10 (50ml) 670 yen
    #20(110ml) 1,300 yen
  • Painting Medium Jelly
    <Jelly Medium>

    For those who frequently use transparent glazes. Oil paint medium with high gloss and superior transparency. It dries quickly, allowing recoating in a short time, forming a strong film without cracking.

    Series [ I ]
    #10 (50ml) @500 yen

Pale colored oil paint medium with superior quick-drying quality out now!

  • Holbein Rapid Medium 《Quick-drying Medium》
    For when a quick finish is required such as examinations.

    Quick-drying medium with superior luster and transparency. Drying time is shortened when mixed in equal parts with oil paints. With relatively clear tone, it can be used for white and pale colored paints.
    It forms a strong film without cracks as it solidifies the paint surface from within.

    Series [ T ]
    #10 (50ml) 670 yen
    # 20 (110ml) 1,300 yen

40 colors of #20 (110ml) tube added to Holbein's Artist's Oil Color range!

  • Holbein's Artist's Oil Color #20 (110ml) Tube

    The ever-popular Holbein's Artist's Oil Colors. In addition to the old #4, #6 and #9, #20 tube (110ml) has been created. You can now keep working on large paintings with its increased volume and affordable price. There are 40 colors altogether. Try it.

  • Prices of the series

    Series [A] 1,650yen
    Series [B] 1,900 yen
    Series [C] 2,600 yen
    Series [D] 3,350 yen
    Series [E] 4,300 yen

Color Gesso(acrylic color), 300ml stand pack (for refilling) is on sale!
300ml stand pack (for refilling) appears on Color Gesso of 21 colors which enables the users to make foundation of the color readily. It is held in an ecological vessel for reuse of the bottle and reduction of dust. It can be used as refill for 330ml polyethylene bottle series.

Series D~H 900yen~2300yen

Valuable big size (480ml) appears on Spray Fixative
Valuable big size (480ml) appears on Holbein's Spray Fixative that is popular as fixative of charcoal drawing and pencil drawing. In comparison with standard size (300ml), it has a capacity of 1.6 times, but the price is just 1500yen. Please try to use it.

Big Spray Fixative 480ml 1600yen

Hoped-for sets appear on Holbein's oil painting #4 tube!
Sets appear on oil painting #4 tube at last that is convenient to carry, and also enables you to use a high quality of color readily, and thus is highly estimated by the users. We provide a wide variation in response to your needs from 12 to 100 color set. It must be a suitable present for those who like oil painting.

12 colors set       3000yen
18 colors set       5100yen
24 colors set       7000yen
50 colors set       15000yen
100 colors set       32000yen

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